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Do you own a car, bakkie, yacht, boat, motorcycle, truck, minivan or other vehicle and need a loan? If your vehicle(s) is fully paid with no money owing to the bank or other company then you could legally get a secured loan against it. Pawn My Car offers a legal and easy way for anyone in South Africa to get a loan against vehicles of value that they own, with no credit checks or banks involved. Simply complete a short online application form giving as much information as you can about the vehicle(s) you would like to loan against and during business hours a consultant will contact you to discuss your options and make you a loan offer. If you are happy with the loan offer you will need to take your vehicle into an office around the country to be assessed and stored securely until the loan is repaid in full plus interest.

To make the process as quick as possible and ensure you get the largest loan amount make sure that your service record is available, license is up to date, you have the spare key, spare tyre and jack. With all the correct documents it is possible for your loan from Pawn My Car to be processed and paid the same day. Vehicles that are Code 3 rebuilds will be considered for loans though loan amounts will be less. Your car will not be driven whilst in storage and there are no legal implications if you cannot repay the loan as the vehicle(s) will be sold to recover costs. Don't go without cash if you need it, if you are a vehicle owner then you may qualify for a secured loan in South Africa, apply free online today @

Secured loans, cash advances & more @ Borrow Online

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Not getting an unsecured loan easily and need cash quick? Why not consider a secured loan against assets of value that you own that are fully paid to the bank or other financial institution? Borrow Online is one of the leaders in personal asset lending in South Africa and offer secured loans with no credit checks or proof of employment required. You can apply to borrow against most goods of value including gold, jewellery, antiques, art, vehicles (cars, boats, trucks, motorbikes), luxury watches and property. Other options for finance include cash advances against successful Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims as well as bridging finance if you have recently sold property as the owner or the agent.

If you are interested in applying or finding out more about a secured loan from Borrow Online simply complete the online application form giving as much information regarding the asset(s) you would like to lend against and during business hours a consultant will contact you to discuss your loan options. If you are happy with the loan offer you will then need to take your goods into an office to be assessed and stored securely till your loan is repaid in full, plus interest. If you cannot repay the loan there are no implications and your credit record should not be affected as the asset(s) will be sold to recover the loan costs. If you have been looking for a loan and haven't been able to get one or are thinking about selling your assets then consider a secured loan, apply now @
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Apply for easy cash loans even with bad credit @ ezCASH

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Looking for a loan can be difficult and often you will be declined when you go to the bank. If you have a low credit score then the chances are not good that you will get approved for a loan or any other finance. ezCASH may be able to help you and work with different lending companies in South Africa to offer a free loan sourcing service. Anyone can apply even if you are blacklisted or have bad credit and wherever possible the consultants will help you find a loan.

Working with National Credit Regulator registered lenders means that you are guaranteed responsible lending practices as well as easy to understand fees. Loan amounts are from R1 000 to R150 000 and repayments terms up to 72 months dependent on the loan provider. If trying to find a cash loan is taking too much time or you have problems with credit then why not let someone else do the work of finding a loan, apply today @
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