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RAF Claim Advances@ Borrow Online

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Recently made a successful claim with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and are waiting to be paid? If you need money and cannot wait till you get paid your compensation by the RAF then why not apply for a legal cash advance against the funds owed to you? Borrow Online offer legal and secure cash advance loans to anyone that has made a claim with the Road Accident Fund and is waiting for their money. Simply visit the website and complete the short application form and the consultants will contact your lawyer and help you get an advance on your payout. Whilst it is good to have been awarded compensation unfortunately waiting times till you get paid can be long so why not get access to your cash more quickly if you need it?

Along with Road Accident Fund cash advances Borrow Online also offer other secured loan options and if you have assets of value that you would like to loan against you can apply for a secured loan. If you own a car, jewellery, art, antiques, motorbikes, property, gold, luxury watches or anything else that is fully paid (no money owing to the bank) it may be possible to get a loan against it. Bridging finance is also available if you have sold property either as the owner or agent and would like earlier access to your money. Don't wait another day for your cash from the Road Accident Fund if you need it, why not get more information or apply for a cash advance today @

Payday loans, personal loans & insurance @ UApply

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Need quick cash, as in today (short term loan), a large unsecured personal loan or are looking for cheaper insurance? UApply is here to help and offers a wide range of financial services in South Africa, all in one easy to use website. You can apply online for payday (same day) loans, unsecured personal loans as well as compare quotes on insurance. A pay day loan, also referred to as a cash advance or same day loan is usually a short term loan which is a repaid in a single repayment on or just after the date you will next get paid.

If you often run out of money before the end of the month then making use of a payday loans service can benefit you as it will give you access to funds when you need them. If you continue to make use of the service and make payments on time it will be easier to reapply and you may be offered larger loan amounts. Forget struggling through the rest of the month with no money, why not see if you qualify for a quick cash loan, apply now @
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Easy cash loans for new or used cars @ Loan SA

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If you have credit problems or don't earn enough you may find it quite difficult to get finance from the bank to buy a new or used vehicle. This can make your life much more difficult as having reliable transportation is almost an essential part of life, especially if public transport is not available. Loan SA is here to help anyone in South Africa that is in need of finance to buy a car, bakkie, motorbike or other vehicle who cannot get finance. Applications are accepted if you have bad credit or are blacklisted and if possible the consultants will do their best to help you get a loan to buy a car.

With the correct documentation your loan could be approved within 24 hours and paid soon afterwards and you can use the money to buy a new or used vehicle of your choice. If you consider how important it is to have a car these days, potential loss of income, wasted time and inconvenience why not apply for a loan with Loan SA and see if they can help you buy a car. Don't forget that if you are looking for great deals on new or used vehicles in South African then Surf4Cars offer a wide and comprehensive range of choices around the country. Don't give up on buying the car that you want, when you could qualify for vehicle finance, apply now @
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