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If you are unemployed or have a bad credit rating you may not qualify for a loan if you need one or perhaps you are thinking about selling your assets for cash. A secured loan (pawn loan) using your assets as security could be the answer and allows you to get a loan with no credit checks or proof of employment required. Borrow Online is here to help make it easy for anyone in South Africa looking to get a secured loan against most assets of value that are fully paid (no money owing to the bank or other financial institution). There are no fees to apply, no credit checks or banks involved and the process is a legal and easy way to get a cash loan if you need one. Assets that you can loan against include vehicles (such as cars, boats, trucks, motorbikes), jewellery, art, antiques, gold, property (such as a house, vacant land, or flat) and luxury watches though any goods of value will be considered (no electronic goods will be accepted).

Simply complete the short online application form giving as much information as possible about the assets you would like to loan against and during business hours a consultant will contact you to make you a loan offer. If you would like to proceed with the loan then you will need to take your goods into an office around the country to be assessed and stored securely for the duration of the loan, once repaid in full plus interest. Borrow Online offer other financial services including bridging finance for sold property either as the owner for sale proceeds or as the agent for commission as well as cash advances if you made a successful claim with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and are waiting for the money. If you are in need of a loan and can't get one or have been thinking about selling your assets why not apply for a secured loan @

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If you have credit problems or don't earn enough you may find it quite difficult to get finance from the bank to buy a new or used vehicle. This can make your life much more difficult as having reliable transportation is almost an essential part of life, especially if public transport is not available. Loan SA is here to help anyone in South Africa that is in need of finance to buy a car, bakkie, motorbike or other vehicle who cannot get finance. Applications are accepted if you have bad credit or are blacklisted and if possible the consultants will do their best to help you get a loan to buy a car.

With the correct documentation your loan could be approved within 24 hours and paid soon afterwards and you can use the money to buy a new or used vehicle of your choice. If you consider how important it is to have a car these days, potential loss of income, wasted time and inconvenience why not apply for a loan with Loan SA and see if they can help you buy a car. Don't forget that if you are looking for great deals on new or used vehicles in South African then Surf4Cars offer a wide and comprehensive range of choices around the country. Don't give up on buying the car that you want, when you could qualify for vehicle finance, apply now @
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Not getting an unsecured loan easily and need cash quick? Why not consider a secured loan against assets of value that you own that are fully paid to the bank or other financial institution? Borrow Online is one of the leaders in personal asset lending in South Africa and offer secured loans with no credit checks or proof of employment required. You can apply to borrow against most goods of value including gold, jewellery, antiques, art, vehicles (cars, boats, trucks, motorbikes), luxury watches and property. Other options for finance include cash advances against successful Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims as well as bridging finance if you have recently sold property as the owner or the agent.

If you are interested in applying or finding out more about a secured loan from Borrow Online simply complete the online application form giving as much information regarding the asset(s) you would like to lend against and during business hours a consultant will contact you to discuss your loan options. If you are happy with the loan offer you will then need to take your goods into an office to be assessed and stored securely till your loan is repaid in full, plus interest. If you cannot repay the loan there are no implications and your credit record should not be affected as the asset(s) will be sold to recover the loan costs. If you have been looking for a loan and haven't been able to get one or are thinking about selling your assets then consider a secured loan, apply now @
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